What is STEM and STEAM

What is STEM and STEAM?

  • STEM is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into a new trans-disciplinary subject. Later Arts was added and become STEAM.
  • STEAM Education offers a chance for students to make sense of the world rather than learn isolated bits and pieces of phenomena.
  • STEAM in itself is not a curriculum, not an another ingredient but a recipe for helping learners apply their knowledge.

Why is it so important?

STEM education has many potential benefits for individuals and for the nation as a whole.
By Norman Augustine, in an opening presentation.

“For a society so deeply dependent on technology and engineering, we are largely ignorant about technology and engineering concepts and processes, and we have largely ignored this incongruity in our educational system.
(Bybee, 2000)

With globalization is in full force, the demand for STEAM related occupations will grow tremendously, several times the rate of all other occupations.

Ref: http://www.ed.gov/stem

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